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Tumie Coco Limited Edition Hoodie

Tumie Coco Limited Edition Hoodie

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Tumie Coco hoodies straight from the Los Angeles Based manufacturer! Here’s a sneak peek of me in the ‘Coconut White’ edition. Crafted with love and a vision by the incredible @vballentine99 , @cheffullilove, and the big homie @chachiprasad of @bluecutla we’ve brought to you a hoodie that embodies the passion and bond between the farmer and the chef. Dive into the story of ‘Farm to Chef’ with our limited edition pieces available in Coconut White, Burnt Orange, and Deep Sea Blue. 

We’re excited to announce our upcoming special offer, starting on the 23rd! Get ready for our exclusive gift basket, beautifully presented in a specially branded box. This unique package includes:

• 1 cozy hoodie, perfect for those stylish days.
• 2 bottles of our signature sauce, adding a burst of flavor to your meals.
• 1 cookbook, filled with inspiring recipes to try out.

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