Chef Fullilove

Welcome to the vibrant world of Tumie Coco,

born from the passion and expertise of Chef Jason Fullilove. With over two decades of experience, Chef Fullilove is a renowned figure in the culinary arts, known for his innovative approach and unwavering commitment to quality.

Jason’s Journey began in fast-paced prestigious kitchens and high-profile venues, taking him from the BRGuest Restaurants in New York City to the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as Patina Restaurant Group and Campanile, eventually landing in Los Angeles. Jason has honed his unique approach to cooking—emphasizing fresh, local, and in-season ingredients

In 2014, Chef Fullilove opened Barbara Jean LA (BJLA) restaurant, redefining African-American soul food and global comfort cuisine. Here Jason blends traditional flavors with modern culinary techniques, creating innovative and comforting dishes.

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Tumie Coco hot sauce is Chef Fullilove’s latest creation—a dynamic blend of naturally sourced ingredients including turmeric and coconut oil, crafted to enhance any dish. It’s not just about adding heat; Tumie Coco elevates flavors and revolutionizes the way we perceive flavor and health.

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